8 Top Tips to Find University Accommodation in Europe

28 sep 2023
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1. Do your research

After submitting your application for admission to the university, you should further explore your options. First, check the university's website for available accommodations and the application timeline. Due to housing shortages, some universities may require you to apply for housing before you receive your admission letter.

2. Apply early

Some European countries have a queue system, and applying early will help you get points toward the queue, which will increase your chances of getting a housing offer in time. Apply for housing within one week of the application deadline opening.

3. The process takes at least 3 months

In our experience, it takes at least three months on average to find housing in Europe. The process may include pre-selecting options, contacting landlords, sending signed contracts, paying a deposit, fee, etc.

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4. Apply for university-provided accommodations

The best way to apply for accommodations is through the university or university-provided websites. This will ensure that you get a real accommodation. Be flexible and confirm the accommodation offer that was initially made to you to avoid further delays. After landing abroad, you can also move to another accommodation if you meet the notice period and other conditions in your accommodation contract.

5. Check with university-recommended housing agencies

Some universities offer websites of local housing agencies for finding student housing. Register and log in to these websites. Some of them will also answer your questions via chat, phone call, or email. Contact them and follow the given procedure to check the options they offer.

6. Read the terms of the housing contract before signing

This is a very important step because the signed housing contract is bound by the law of the foreign country. Read the contract thoroughly before signing and abide by the terms regarding deposit, rent payment, notice period, house rules, etc. Once you have signed the contract, you are bound by the terms.

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7. Avoid scams – beware of offers that seem too good to be true

When looking for cheap accommodation, students often come across offers on private websites that seem too good to be true. Be vigilant, because it could be a scam and you could end up without accommodation or with a fake address abroad. Always try to book accommodation through the university or its recommended websites to protect yourself from scammers.

8. Bonus tips

Find out your arrival time abroad and the opening hours of your accommodation. University housing may require you to pick up your room keys, and they are only available at the dorm during certain working hours. Book temporary accommodation, such as a hostel or hotel, if you will be arriving at odd hours or on weekends. Make a note of the contact numbers of the dormitory and the temporary accommodation.

Do not take any chances with your accommodation, as finding accommodation after you arrive abroad is very expensive and stressful. As part of our value-added services, SNY Cosmos Overseas provides housing assistance to all its students seeking admission to European countries. Contact us to book your student accommodation in Europe hassle-free and make your transition to the new country more comfortable.

- Nikhil Kapoor, Study Abroad expert with 12+ years of experience.

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