EIT InnoEnergy Master School - One of Europe's Most Prestigious Consortiums of 16 Top Ranked Universities.

03 Oct 2023
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Are you prepared to start an incredible educational journey with the 16 most esteemed colleges in Europe? Aspiring students have a rare opportunity to pursue their goals in sustainable energy at EIT InnoEnergy Master School. Let's explore some of the fascinating highlights of attending EIT InnoEnergy in more detail. We will discuss the advantages of becoming a member of this esteemed consortium, the fantastic scholarship options that are offered, and the amazing roster of partner colleges. This article will provide you with a thorough explanation of what EIT InnoEnergy has to offer and the reasons it could be your doorway to a future rich in information, creativity, and limitless opportunities as well as a great way to advance your career in sustainable energy.

What is EIT Inno Energy?

The primary force behind sustainable energy innovation in Europe is EIT InnoEnergy. Under the direction of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), it was established in 2010 as a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC). Encouraging the growth of a sustainable energy sector in Europe and beyond is the main goal of EIT InnoEnergy. The EIT InnoEnergy Master's School, with its extensive network of more than 500 partners throughout Europe, is essential in developing a skilled, driven, and innovative workforce committed to bringing about a sustainable energy industry in Europe.

Why Study at EIT Inno Energy Master School?

EIT InnoEnergy Master School is more than just another school; it's an experience that may change lives and cannot be matched. The following are strong arguments in favor of thinking about attending EIT InnoEnergy:

1. Double Master’s Degree from Two Renowned Universities

With the programs offered by EIT InnoEnergy, you can obtain degrees from two prestigious universities, which will provide you with a competitive advantage in the labor market and a wider view of academics. With this exceptional chance, you can improve your academic record while getting to know the cultures of two distinct nations.

2. Immerse Yourself in Two Diverse Countries

One of the main benefits of studying at EIT InnoEnergy is the chance to study in two different nations. This component of their curriculum is personally fulfilling in addition to being intellectually stimulating. It enables you to widen your horizons, adjust to other languages, cultures, and lifestyles, and cultivate a global perspective—all of which are extremely beneficial in the globally interconnected world of today.

3. Extensive Support for Innovations

As a center for innovation, EIT InnoEnergy is proud to have supported more than 500 inventions to date. This atmosphere is perfect for you if you're an ambitious inventor, engineer, or entrepreneur who has a passion for creating ground-breaking solutions. You'll be able to make use of tools, guidance, and a community of like-minded people committed to making a tangible difference in the world.

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4. Strong Industry Connections

1,200 cooperative partners and 180 portfolio firms are members of EIT InnoEnergy's network of relationships. This vast network makes it easier for students to participate in internships, real-world initiatives, and potential job opportunities by strengthening the link between academics and business. Regardless of your interests in smart technology, sustainable solutions, or renewable energy, EIT InnoEnergy provides unmatched opportunities and access to industry professionals.

5. High Employment Rate

EIT InnoEnergy's remarkable 94% employment rate within 6 months of graduation is a testament to the caliber of instruction and the programs' applicability to industry needs. EIT InnoEnergy graduates possess unique advantages in the labor market due to their combination of academic knowledge, practical skills, and industry connections.

6. Scholarship Opportunities

EIT InnoEnergy is dedicated to facilitating access to top-notch education. They provide amazing scholarship options, such as 10 complete tuition fee waiver scholarships and partial scholarships of 4,000 euros. The purpose of these merit scholarships is to enable deserving individuals to pursue their goals without undue financial hardship by easing the financial burden of obtaining a dual degree.

Universities that are EIT InnoEnergy Consortium partners

The strength of EIT InnoEnergy is its network of collaboration with sixteen highly regarded universities. The following are a few of the consortium's major institutions, each of which brings special qualities to the programs:

1. Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France (QS World Rank 48)

Known for its superior technical and technological capabilities, this institution is situated in the center of Paris. It provides a selection of courses that include the most recent developments in several disciplines.

2. Université Paris Saclay, France (QS World Rank 69)

This university, which is a member of Paris-Saclay University, is a leader in innovation and research. It offers a vibrant setting where students can interact with cutting-edge innovations.

3. KU Leuven, Belgium (QS World Rank 76)

KU Leuven is one of the oldest and most esteemed colleges in Europe, having been founded in 1425. KU Leuven is a well-regarded research university that is regularly ranked among the best in the world.

4. KTH Sweden (QS World Rank 89)

The Royal Institute of Technology, a center for technological innovation, is situated in Stockholm, Sweden. It is the perfect partner for EIT InnoEnergy because of its demanding programs and cutting-edge research.

5. Aalto Finland (QS World Rank 116)

Located in Helsinki, Finland, Aalto University is a multifunctional school. It is renowned for placing a high priority on technology, design, and sustainability. The institution Aalto is a leader in environmental and energy technology.

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6. Uppsala, Sweden (QS World Rank 128)

With a long history of academic distinction, Uppsala University is located in Sweden. It is acknowledged for its research contributions and provides a range of programs that support the sustainability and innovation goals of EIT InnoEnergy.

7. TU/e Eindhoven, Netherlands (QS World Rank 138)

Located in the Netherlands, the Eindhoven University of Technology is a renowned technological institution that places a major focus on innovation and research. It is essential to EIT InnoEnergy's goal of educating the next generation of innovators.

8. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Germany (QS World Rank 141)

KIT is a German institution with an emphasis on research. KIT is renowned for its robust energy research and environmental programs.

9. Grenoble INP France (QS World Rank 272)

An essential component of the French academic scene is the Grenoble Institute of Technology, or Grenoble INP. It is a significant partner for the academic programs of EIT InnoEnergy because of its superior technical and technological capabilities.

10. UPC Spain (QS World Rank 319)

Located in Spain, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia provides a broad range of technical programs to suit students who have an interest in innovation and technology.

11. ESADE B School, Spain (QS World Rank 601)

With a strong emphasis on business and entrepreneurship, ESADE Business School in Spain enhances the academic offerings of EIT InnoEnergy. For students who want to blend technical expertise with commercial savvy, this is the perfect companion.

12. PoliTo Italy (QS World Rank 334)

The Italian university Politecnico di Torino is a well-known center for architecture and engineering. With so many different academic alternatives available to students, it is a great addition to the consortium.

13. AGH Poland (QS World Rank 800)

The engineering programs of Poland's AGH University of Science and Technology are well regarded. It offers an outlook on technical education and research from a European viewpoint.

14. SUT Poland (QS World Rank 800)

The Silesian University of Technology (SUT) is a Polish university that specializes in science, technology, and engineering-related research and instruction. It provides the consortium with its special strengths.

15. IST Portugal (QS World Rank 351)

One of the world's top engineering and technological universities is the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in Portugal. Its contributions to the academic programs of EIT InnoEnergy are priceless.

16. UnternehmerTUM Germany

The Technical University of Munich's UnternehmerTUM is the Center for Innovation and Business Creation. It is an indispensable partner for students who have an idea for starting new enterprises and initiatives because of its critical role in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Programs for Two Master's Degrees at the EIT-InnoEnergy Master School

ETA A variety of cutting-edge master's programs are available from InnoEnergy that are created to equip students for the difficulties of a world that is changing quickly. These programs are very relevant to the state of the world today because they cover a wide range of topics related to energy, technology, and sustainability. Let's examine a few of these programs in more detail:

1. Sustainable Energy Systems Master's Degree

A thorough understanding of the many facets of sustainable energy is offered by the master's degree in Sustainable Energy Systems. Students study subjects like energy efficiency, renewable energy, and integrating clean energy sources into current systems. Graduates of this program will have the knowledge and abilities necessary to support a sustainable future.

2. Smart Electrical Networks and Systems Master's Degree

Smart technologies are at the forefront of this rapid evolution of the energy landscape. This curriculum focuses on electrical networks, systems, and smart grid technologies that are essential to guarantee the reliable and efficient distribution of energy. Graduates are ready to take on the difficulties posed by the changing energy industry.

3. Master of Energy Technologies

This program examines the newest advancements in energy technologies as the globe looks for creative ways to satisfy its energy needs. Pupils learn about new energy sources, energy storage, and developing trends. With this expertise, graduates are positioned as leaders in the rapidly evolving field of energy technology.

4. Master's in Renewable Energy

The shift to a sustainable future depends heavily on renewable energy sources. The Renewable Energy program explores a range of renewable energy technologies, such as hydroelectric power, solar power, and wind power. Graduates are prepared to promote the use of renewable energy sources and make the world a greener place.

5. Master's in Nuclear Energy

The world's energy mix still heavily relies on nuclear energy. Comprehensive insights into the science and technology underlying nuclear energy are offered by this program. The design, safety, and policy of nuclear reactors are thoroughly understood by the students. Graduates are equipped to contribute to nuclear energy's safe and effective use.

6. Energy for Smart Cities Master's Program

Smart cities that maximize sustainability, energy efficiency, and standard of living are the wave of the future. Urban-specific energy solutions are the main emphasis of this initiative. Pupils get knowledge on how to incorporate cutting-edge energy technologies into the infrastructure of smart cities. Future cities are greatly influenced by the contributions of graduates.

EIT InnoEnergy

Top Employers and Internship Providers at EIT InnoEnergy

  • EDF
  • ABB
  • ASML
  • EDP
  • ENEL
  • CEA

Why Join EIT Inno Energy In a Nutshell

  • Education: Two highly regarded universities awarded a double master's degree.
  • Experience: Gain an understanding of the energy revolution in Europe and get a taste of various cultures.
  • Acquire essential digital and business skills in addition to your technical knowledge.

  • Network: Take advantage of the 500+ partner network and become a part of Europe's biggest energy accelerator.
  • Career: Put yourself on the cutting edge of the energy sector.

Starting a journey with EIT InnoEnergy is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. The advantages that the consortium provides demonstrate its dedication to delivering an all-encompassing and life-changing education. EIT InnoEnergy offers its students a plethora of opportunities, including the ability to obtain dual degrees from two esteemed universities, experience the cultures of two distinct nations, and receive substantial support for ideas.

The consortium offers students unmatched chances for growth and professional development through its vast network of highly esteemed partner universities and industrial links, which enriches the educational experience. The remarkable 94% employment rate within six months of graduation indicates how highly employers appreciate EIT InnoEnergy graduates.

Possibly the most alluring feature of EIT InnoEnergy is its commitment to democratizing access to education. The variety of scholarship options, which include 10 scholarships with full tuition fee waivers and 4,000 euros in partial scholarships, allows exceptional students to pursue their goals without undue financial hardship.

The chance to apply for the September 2024 intake is knocking on your door if you're thinking about joining this prestigious consortium. Get in touch with SNY COSMOS Overseas Education Consultant, your official EIT InnoEnergy partner for student recruitment in India, to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study abroad and help influence the future of innovation and sustainable energy.

At SNY COSMOS, we're prepared to help you navigate a future full of wisdom, creativity, and limitless opportunities. Don't pass up the incredible learning opportunity at EIT InnoEnergy Master School. Put in an application now to start down the path to a more promising and sustainable future. We look forward to your contribution to the energy and technology industries!

 EIT InnoEnergy Master School

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding EIT InnoEnergy Master School:

1. Which educational backgrounds are acceptable at EIT InnoEnergy for admission?

Admission is granted to candidates with a Bachelor's degree in Civil, Industrial, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics, Mechatronics, Energy, Power, Physics, Chemistry, or related subjects.

In addition, to be eligible for admission, candidates must fulfill program-specific entry requirements for each Master's degree. Please refer to the EIT InnoEnergy website for information on the entry requirements unique to each program.

2. Is it possible for individuals pursuing their bachelor's degree to apply for admission at EIT InnoEnergy?

Students pursuing a bachelor's degree in their final year are eligible to apply and receive a conditional offer letter. After completing your bachelor's degree successfully, you will receive a confirmed admission letter.

3. What is the deadline to apply for EIT InnoEnergy?

There are various rounds of applications to apply for EIT InnoEnergy. Admissions and Scholarships are awarded in each round and therefore it is recommended to apply early. Applications for intake 2024 are open. Please find details of the application rounds available:

Round 1. 11 Sep 2023 – 08 Nov 2023

Round 2. 13 Nov 2023 – 21 Jan 2024

Round 3. 29 Jan 2024 – 10 Mar 2024

Round 4. 18 Mar 2024 – 28 Apr 2024

Round 5. 02 May 2024 – 09 June 2024

Note: Popular programs and universities may receive a greater number of applications in the initial rounds and may close as and when the places are full.

4. What is the English Proficiency test requirement to apply for EIT InnoEnergy?

IELTS Academic- 6.5 (Min 5.5 in each section) TOEFL IBT- 92 (writing-22) Please refer to the website for any program or university-specific English Proficiency test requirements. 

5. What is the application fee to apply for the Master’s program at EIT InnoEnergy?

There is no application fee.

6. Are there any additional application requirements for admission into EIT InnoEnergy?

Other than your academic background, academic grades, and English proficiency the additional factors considered and looked into for admission are your university reputation and ranking in relevant fields, your interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, and the motivation letter.

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