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30 Nov 2023
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Many people hold the dream of studying abroad because it opens up a world of experiences, opportunities, and personal development. Italy is a desirable destination for individuals looking for a distinctive educational experience due to its rich history, dynamic culture, and top-notch academic institutions. For international students, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is an exceptional option since it is the biggest private university in Europe. We will delve into every facet of this esteemed institution and all it has to offer prospective students, from its multidisciplinary approach and global outlook to its well-located campuses, cutting-edge facilities, creative programs, and world-class rankings. We'll also talk about the unmatched benefits of studying in Italy, such as the proactive learning approach, strategic locations, international experience in Italy, and student support. The journey to academic excellence and cultural immersion starts here.

Impressive Rankings

Cattolica's outstanding rankings demonstrate both its commitment to academic excellence and its influence on the academic community:

  1. In Italy for Employer-Student Connections: Cattolica is well known for its solid employer relationships, which give students a significant edge in the employment market.
  2. In Italy for Student to Faculty Ratio: Cattolica provides a more individualized learning experience and a nurturing academic environment because of its low student-to-faculty ratio.
  3. Ranked 141-150 in the World for Graduate Employability: Employers all over the world are eager to hire Cattolica graduates, which is a testament to the university's dedication to putting students in position for professional success.
  4. Ranked 301 in the World in the Academic Ranking of World Universities: With a stellar international reputation, Cattolica is considered one of the best universities in the world and provides students with an elite education.
  5. Ranked Among the Top 50-300 in Most Disciplines: Cattolica offers top-notch instruction in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, among other fields.
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A Multidisciplinary University with a Global Perspective

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is an academic destination with a vibrant and diverse international imprint, not just a place of higher learning. Cattolica offers an impressive array of cutting-edge programs from its strategically located campuses in Milan, Brescia, Piacenza, Cremona, and Rome. Agribusiness, Banking, Finance & Data Science, Management, Political Science, Linguistic Sciences, Marketing & Communications, Humanities, Psychology, and Medicine & Surgery are just a few of the subjects covered by these programs.

Cattolica stands out for its commitment to giving students the most recent information and industry insights in the fields they choose. Strong connections between the university and a number of industries provide students with the chance to participate in field trips, take part in interesting internships, and build important professional networks. The method used by Cattolica equips students to succeed in their careers, backed by practical experience and hands-on learning.

Support Services for International Students

International students at Cattolica receive all the assistance they need to make the most seamless transition to Italy. The university approaches student needs holistically, with an information and support center specifically for international students acting as the focal point. This includes housing services to assist with finding lodging, a medical facility for treatment, sports facilities to support an active lifestyle, and associations for international students to promote camaraderie and connections.

Global Exchange Opportunities

Studying abroad has many exciting benefits, one of which is the possibility of international exchange. The university has developed relationships with academic institutions across the globe, giving students the chance to experience a variety of learning and cultural contexts. A truly international education is within reach with Cattolica's exchange programs, regardless of your desired study destination—Europe, Asia, the Americas, or any other region.

Scholarships for Deserving Non-EU Students

Academic talent and excellence are highly valued at Cattolica University. The university provides partial merit-based and program-specific scholarships for non-EU students in order to make education accessible to worthy students. With the help of these scholarships, you can focus on your academic goals by lowering the cost of studying abroad and making your international education more accessible.

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State-of-the-Art Facilities and Research

Cattolica's facilities and research initiatives demonstrate the institution's dedication to offering a top-notch educational experience:

  1. 12 Faculties, 5 Campuses, and Over 40,000 Students: The vibrant and varied student body at Cattolica produces a stimulating learning environment that encourages cooperation and cross-cultural interaction.
  2. More than 3,000 Foreign Students Representing 165 Different Countries: As you engage with students from around the world, embrace cultural diversity and broaden your perspective on the world.
  3. 93 Research Centres and 8 Graduate Schools: Discover opportunities for cutting-edge research and academic advancement that will let you pursue your interests and contribute significantly.
  4. 40+ English-Taught Programs & 200+ Italian-Taught Programs: Select from a variety of programs that meet your academic objectives and preferred language, guaranteeing a personalized learning experience.
  5. 18,000 Active Internship Agreements and 10,000+ Internships Annually: During your studies, get real-world experience and sharpen your practical skills to set yourself up for professional success.
  6. 1025 Professors and Researchers, 267 Research Fellowships, 21 PhD Programs: Learn from committed professionals and take part in significant research to promote an environment that values intellectual inquiry.
  7. A Strong Research Portfolio: Cattolica is a global leader in knowledge and innovation, with over 1100 ongoing research projects valued at approximately 95 million euros.
  8. 5480 Publications Surveyed in 2020: The university's research output significantly contributes to the academic discourse, making a meaningful impact in various fields of study.

Studying in Italy: An Exceptional Experience

Studying in Italy is a singular and rewarding experience. Italy and Cattolica offer various benefits:

  1. Student Support: International students can receive full support from Cattolica. You'll have all you need, from housing services to health care and sports facilities, to succeed both academically and beyond.
  2. International Experience with an Italian Heart: Take advantage of an international classroom setting while immersing yourself in a true Italian experience. Your life will be enhanced and your perspective will be widened as you become a member of a multicultural academic community that values the exchange of ideas.
  3. Strategic Locations: The campuses of Cattolica are arranged in a way that guarantees you will have access to the most recent developments and expert knowledge in your field of study. Being close to European businesses makes it easier to find internships and field trips, which improves your contacts and practical knowledge.
  4. Unique Experience: Because there aren't many foreign students in Italy, your language abilities and foreign experience will be greatly appreciated. Your time in Italy will be truly remarkable as you will have the chance to stand out in a distinctive academic setting.
  5. Proactive Learning: In terms of their overall educational experience as well as their academic performance, Cattolica encourages its students to be self-reliant and proactive. You'll acquire vital abilities that will help you succeed in a cutthroat environment and aid you in both your academic and professional endeavors.
  6. Bright Prospects: You'll be well-equipped for a prosperous career following graduation with programs created in partnership with businesses across a range of industries and strong industry connections. Employers highly value the knowledge and skills you acquire from your education at Cattolica, setting you up for success in the future.
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2-year Master of Science Degrees – MSc

  • Healthcare Management
  • Agricultural and Food Economics
  • Food Processing: Innovation and Tradition
  • Global Business Management
  • Applied Data Science for Banking and Finance
  • Physics for Technology and Innovation
  • Statistical & Actuarial Sciences
  • Data Analytics for Business
  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • The Art and Industry of Narration
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Banking and Finance
  • Linguistic Computing
  • Communication for Business, Media & Culture
  • European Studies in Investor Relations and Financial Communication
  • Methods and Topics in Arts Management
  • Conclusion

1-year Specializing Masters

  • Viticulture and Enology
  • Strategic Management for Global Business
  • Luxury Goods Management
  • International Screenwriting and Production
  • International Marketing Management
  • Economics and Finance
  • International Business
  • International Business- Executive
  • Advanced Global Studies
  • Corporate Communication
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Arts Management
  • Data Science for Management
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • International Cooperation and Development

BSc Degrees

  • Psychology
  • International Relations and Global Affairs
  • Food Production Management
  • Economics and Management
  • Finance
  • Communication Management
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Medicine & Surgery Programme

In the center of Italy, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is a symbol of scholarly brilliance, global cooperation, and cultural immersion. For those looking for an engaging educational experience in a vibrant and diverse setting, Cattolica offers a unique opportunity with a focus on academic rigor and a dedication to supporting students in their academic and personal journeys.

Every aspirant student can find something of value at Cattolica, be it the opportunity to receive financial support through scholarships, research opportunities and impressive rankings, or the cultural diversity of Italy. Seize the chance to attend Cattolica and benefit from the finest of international education enhanced by an Italian flair. This is the beginning of your path to global experiences and academic excellence! Discover the possibilities of an overseas education at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and embark on a transformative adventure in Italy.

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