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16 Nov 2023
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Are you thinking of going overseas to complete your further study in a nation well-known for its top-notch educational facilities and rich cultural legacy? If that's the case, your list should start with the Netherlands. Let's explore the many options that the Netherlands has to offer foreign students, with a particular emphasis on the excellent programs that are provided by Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. Regardless of whether you want to pursue an MBA or an MBM, this site will give you important information about the field of education and the fascinating specialties that are accessible.

Why Study in the Netherlands?

Excellent Education

The Netherlands is known across the world for providing excellent education. The Dutch higher education system is renowned for its excellent research, cutting-edge teaching strategies, and demanding academic requirements. Among the top in the world is a constant ranking for Dutch universities.

Multilingual Environment

Many academic programs use English as their primary medium of instruction, and it is widely spoken in the Netherlands. Because of this, it's the perfect place for overseas students to study in English without having to worry about language problems.

Variety of Program Options

The Dutch higher education system provides a large selection of academic programs, enabling you to select the area that most closely matches your interests and professional objectives. Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences provides a comprehensive selection of specializations for both MBM and MBA programs, catering to various career paths.

Work Opportunities

The Netherlands offers fantastic chances for foreign students to look into part-time employment after graduation and to work during their education. Because of the strength and diversity of the Dutch economy, there is a great need for qualified workers.

Tolerance and Safety

The Netherlands is renowned for its tolerance and safety. It is frequently ranked among the safest nations in the world, making it a safe and friendly place for overseas students to study. Dutch people are tolerant of people from different cultural backgrounds.

Cultural Richness

The Netherlands offers a distinctive fusion of traditions and contemporary because of its rich cultural legacy and diverse foreign population. While studying in this dynamic nation, you can visit famous tulip fields, top-notch art museums, and historic landmarks.

Robust Economy

Owing to its advantageous location in Europe, the Dutch economy is robust and steady. It serves as a center for global trade and is home to the headquarters of several multinational corporations. Students have lots of chances to network with possible employers thanks to this.

Accessible Transit

Bicycle-friendly communities and an effective public transit network are features of the Netherlands. This includes well-connected buses and trains. It's easy to get about the nation and explore Europe.

Environmental Awareness

The Dutch have been at the forefront of eco-friendly measures and are dedicated to the sustainability of the environment. Being a student in the Netherlands allows you to interact with a community that actively fights climate change and appreciates sustainability.

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

A large number of Dutch universities provide overseas students with merit-based scholarships. These options highlight the nation's commitment to ensuring that education is affordable while also drastically lowering the cost of education.

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences: Highlights

The distinctive Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is referred to as a "boutique university" since it places a significant focus on business and management in social situations. The university's accreditation by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) and the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO) demonstrates its strong emphasis on educational quality.

Wittenborg University's main campus is located in Apeldoorn. The university actively engages students with local businesses and groups, which helps the area's economy, culture, and social development. Joining Wittenborg entails joining a highly driven, results-oriented organization that thrives in a global, diversified setting with over 100 different nationalities working together to study, innovate, and socialize. The idea at Wittenborg is that education should be a joyful experience that allows people to cultivate their dreams and ambitions, backed by ongoing direction and the requisite academic rigor to accomplish these goals. Graduates from Wittenborg University are respected, well-achieved individuals who have developed desire and pride in their quest for greatness, and who are global citizens. They are outstanding representatives of the university.

About Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Business School

Independent and Global

With English serving as the exclusive language of teaching, the campuses are home to a lively blend of more than 100 different nationalities. More Than 30 Years of Excellence: Since 1987, Wittenborg has produced thousands of extremely employable graduates, many of whom have gone on to enjoy prosperous jobs both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Double European Accreditation

The degree programs have received official recognition and accreditation from FIBAA (German, Swiss, and Austrian accreditation) as well as the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (NVAO).

Global and Local Engagement

Wittenborg actively promotes relationships with regional and local stakeholders using programs including company visits, internships, real-world projects, and guest lectures. The strategy is to operate locally while thinking internationally.

Research Environment

At the Research Center, Wittenborg actively participates in the conception and direction of regional, European, and global projects, especially in the areas of sustainability, technology, social innovation, healthcare, and education.

Customer-Oriented Approach

Wittenborg provides individualized instruction in a setting that seems like a family, complete with one-on-one counseling, support, and assistance. The majority of programs allow students to start and finish their coursework six times a year, providing flexibility and accessibility for their learning process.

Rich Specializations

To help students match their academic pursuits with their professional objectives, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences provides a broad selection of specializations for its Master of Business Management (MBM) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.

Multilingual Environment

Wittenborg provides an environment that is inclusive of international students and accessible to a worldwide student body by placing a major emphasis on English-language instruction.

Wittenborg is renowned for its dedication to providing students with a top-notch education, emphasizing cutting-edge instructional strategies and exacting academic requirements.

Pre-Master's Program

Wittenborg offers a 6-month Pre-Master's program that gives students who don't have any prior business experience a foundation in business studies.

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Support for International Students

The institution provides extensive services to help international students settle in the Netherlands, including help with housing, visas, and integration.

Robust Industry Links

Wittenborg's curricula are tailored to industry demands, guaranteeing graduates are ready for the workforce.

Safe and Inclusive Environment

A secure and welcoming environment is provided for overseas students by the Netherlands, which is routinely rated as one of the world's safest nations.

An excellent illustration of the high caliber of education available in the Netherlands is Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences.

Let's examine the programs they provide in more detail:

Master of Business Management (MBM)

The MBM program at Wittenborg is intended for students who want to understand business and management from an integrated perspective.


  1. Applied Artificial Intelligence: Explore the realm of artificial intelligence and its useful uses in business.
  2. Cybersecurity for Businesses: Acquire the knowledge to safeguard company operations and defend against cyberattacks.
  3. Logistics & Trade: Dive into the complex realms of international trade and supply chain management.
  4. Human Resource Management: Acquire proficiency in overseeing and fostering the growth of a business's most precious resource, its workforce.
  5. Digital Marketing & Communication: Develop your skills in communication and digital marketing tactics.
  6. Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Develop your innovative abilities and spirit.
  7. Finance: Get financial know-how to efficiently oversee company funds.
  8. Hospitality Management: Dive into the exciting realm of travel and hospitality.
  9. Tourist & Travel: Investigate the field of travel while specializing in tourist management.
  10. Sports Business: Incorporate your business savvy with your love of sports.
  11. Event Management: Develop your ability to organize and carry out noteworthy events.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA program at Wittenborg is intended for people who want to succeed in leadership and senior management positions.


  1. Artificial Intelligence in Application: Use AI to inform strategic choices.
  2. Data Analytics: Gain expertise in making decisions based on data.
  3. Cybersecurity: Protect companies from online dangers.
  4. Digital Transformation: Guide businesses in the era of digital technology.
  5. Sports Business Management: Incorporate strategic management with your love of sports.
  6. International Management: Handle the challenges posed by conducting business internationally.
  7. Smart Industry: Welcome the industrial revolution, emphasizing automation and connection.
  8. Take the lead in sustainable and clean technology areas with Clean Technology Management.

  9. Finance: Develop your knowledge of investing and financial management.
  10. Education: An MBA can help you make a difference in the realm of education.
  11. Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Encourage innovation inside companies.
  12. Hospitality Management: Be successful in the ever-changing hospitality industry.
  13. Health & Social Care: Take the lead and innovate in social services and healthcare.
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Pre-Master's Program for Students with Backgrounds Not in Business

Wittenborg provides a thorough 6-month Pre-Master's program for students without a background in business. It acts as a link to assist you in acquiring the fundamental knowledge required to succeed in business studies.

Career Prospects

Wittenborg, known for its top-notch academic programs and advantageous location in the Netherlands, offers graduates looking to launch their careers in this vibrant nation a plethora of options. Wittenborg is a starting point for students hoping to get into the Dutch labor market because of its strong industrial connections and worldwide outlook on education.

Accepting Internationalism and Diversity

  • Wittenborg is proud of its cosmopolitan environment, which draws students from all over the world. In addition to improving education, this broad diversity prepares graduates for the global workforce.
  • The curriculum is created with a worldwide perspective in mind, guaranteeing that students understand international business procedures.

Robust Industry Links and Real-World Experience

  • The institution has established strong ties with regional and global companies, providing students with many chances to meet possible employers through networking events, internships, and work placements.
  • These connections with business leaders are priceless because they help students build professional networks, obtain practical experience, and improve their employability.

Entire Career Assistance

  • To help students in their job hunt, Wittenborg offers a variety of career services, such as career counseling, interview coaching, and resume-writing seminars.
  • The career center at the institution is essential in helping graduates find employment opportunities both domestically and internationally.

Prospects for Employment in the Netherlands

  • The country has a strong economy encompassing a wide range of industries, including finance, technology, the arts, and sustainability. Graduates from Wittenborg University are well-positioned to take advantage of this diverse work market.
  • Wittenborg graduates find the Netherlands to be a desirable destination due to their fluency in English and their open-mindedness towards foreign talent.

Assistance to Foreign Alumni

  • The 'Orientation Year' visa allows non-EU graduates from Dutch universities to stay in the country for an additional year to look for work or launch their enterprises. This is just one of the many programs the Dutch government offers to keep international talent in the country.
  • To fully utilize the enabling policies in place and navigate these opportunities, Wittenborg actively aids its international graduates.

Networking and Professional Development

  • The institution offers a variety of venues for networking, including seminars, workshops, and industry get-togethers, and encourages students to start building their professional networks right away.
  • Alumni networks are extremely important for assisting young grads in making connections with seasoned professionals and looking into job opportunities.

Graduates from Wittenborg University are in a unique position to start prosperous careers in the Netherlands. Students at the institution are well-equipped to navigate the Dutch labor market and take advantage of the many opportunities it presents thanks to its commitment to international education, solid industry links, and extensive career coaching. Graduates from Wittenborg University are headed for a bright future in the center of Europe, whether their goals are to work for cutting-edge startups, large enterprises, or sustainable projects.

The time is ideal to begin your educational adventure if the Netherlands and Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences have piqued your attention. The January 2024 intake is quickly approaching, so don't pass up the chance to apply and start your once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Your reliable application partner for Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is Sny Cosmos Overseas Edu Consultants Pvt Ltd. Because of our established cooperation with the university, we can guarantee that you will receive assistance and support at every stage of the application process for students in India. In conclusion, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands provides an outstanding educational experience in a friendly and energetic setting for students studying abroad. Regardless of your areas of interest—management, technology, or business, Wittenborg offers a program and specialization that are suited to your goals, whether they are in technology or management. Don't pass up the chance to learn in a nation that prioritizes sustainability, innovation, and education. Apply now to get your path to a prosperous future!

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