Why choose Burgundy School of Business for Management Program? Join our Webinar to Know More!

07 June 2023
Study Abroad Consultant

Burgundy School of Business in France is an excellent choice for students looking for a management programs with free education in Europe. The school delivers a high-quality education that is recognised across the world, and it is also one of the few schools in Europe that offers free tuition to overseas students.

Why Study at Burgundy School of Business?

1. Life as an International Student

BSB offers a multicultural environment with diverse languages, cultures, and faiths, and assists international students in finding accommodation options like hostels, apartments, and shared housing.

2. Life-Style & Facilities

BSB provides an active and welcoming lifestyle for local and international students, with modern facilities like classrooms, libraries, sports amenities, and student housing, creating an inviting and productive learning environment.

3. Visa Requirements

International students need to apply for a student visa, provide proof of acceptance to the school, financial means, and health insurance. They may also be eligible for a 2-year stay-back visa upon completion of their studies.

Masters in France

Why is BSB the best option for its Management Programs?

Burgundy School of Business is the top option for management courses in France, offering comprehensive programs tailored for both one-and two-year master's degrees in France, as well as a transformative three-year bachelor's degree, providing a strong academic foundation, industry connections, and global perspectives for career success.

How SNY Cosmos will help you Navigate the Application Process for Burgundy School of Business?

Your go-to study abroad consultant, SNY Cosmos, will walk you through the Burgundy School of Business application process and provide you with experienced advice for a stress-free and easy master's in France path toward your goal of admission.

Join our webinar, which will be conducted by

Shelcia Carolyn Samuvel - BSB

Shelcia Carolyn Samuvel (Operations Manager for Indian Desk)

BSB - Prakash Saklani

Prakash Saklani (International Recruitment Manager for South Asia)


Choose Burgundy School of Business for management courses in France, offering world-class education, career opportunities, and the added benefit of free education in Europe.

To know more please download the brochure attached below.

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