7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Plan to Study Abroad

14 sep 2023
Study Abroad Consultant
  1. CLARITY: What are my reasons for studying abroad?

    Clarify your goals and motivations for studying abroad to make an informed decision. Clarity is the first step in your study abroad journey. Gaining this clarity is a multi-step process and requires your time and effort. Do not follow what your friends or relatives suggest. Do your own research, list your reasons for studying abroad, and define your own path with clarity.

  2. RESEARCH: Which country and college fit my field of study?

    Research institutions known for their good programs in your chosen field to ensure a quality education. Be clear about the field you are passionate about and which you want to study that aligns with your academic and career goals and will allow you to have a fulfilling professional life. Choose established and recognized universities that fit your academic profile and motivation and offer an environment that challenges you personally and professionally.

  3. BUDGET: What is the financial cost and affordability for me?

    Consider tuition, housing, living and travel expenses, and scholarship opportunities that fit within your budget. Many students make the mistake of overspending their budget because they hope to get a part-time job. Plan for the total budget and consider a part-time job as a supplemental activity in your spare time that does not clash with your course work, assignments, projects, and exams.

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  5. VISA: What are my visa and immigration requirements?

    Familiarize yourself with the visa application process, required documents, and any restrictions based on your circumstances. Be transparent and present genuine documents to the embassy. Start by obtaining the necessary funds in advance in the format required by the embassy. Seek advice from an experienced consultant to increase your chances of a successful visa by meeting all the requirements set by the foreign embassy.

  6. CULTURE: What is the cultural and social environment that suits me?

    Find out about local customs, the language spoken, and the general cultural atmosphere that suits your preferences. Choose countries and universities that offer you an international environment in the classroom and on campus. Exposure to other cultures and ways of thinking broadens your perspective and thinking. This is a critical skill needed for a successful international career. Immerse yourself in the local culture, gain valuable life experience, and foreign language skills always look good on your resume.

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  8. BENEFITS: What are the potential academic and career benefits for me?

    Assess how study abroad can contribute to your academic goals and future career prospects in your field. Research the emerging industries in your field and choose a master’s program that matches your passion and research and development opportunities. Realize that foreign universities design curricula to meet the needs of the industry in their country. These courses will be different from those in India. Do not be guided by the title of the course, but always read through the course objectives and syllabus to gain a full understanding of what the program offers.

  9. PERSONAL GROWTH: How will studying abroad affect my personal and social development?

    Think about the personal development, cross-cultural experiences, and lifelong friendships you hope to gain from studying abroad. The overall experience should have a positive impact on your personal development and provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to develop into a global professional.

    By asking yourself these 7 questions, you can make an informed decision and embark on an unforgettable journey abroad! Contact Sny Cosmos Overseas to explore a wide range of study abroad opportunities with the latest specialization in your field of study and begin your exciting adventure today!

  10. - Nikhil Kapoor, Study Abroad expert with 12+ years of experience.

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