How Early should you Start Planning to Apply for Admission Abroad?

07 sep 2023
Study Abroad Consultant
  1. Start looking for universities, programs and scholarships at least 1 year to 18 months in advance. With some time on your side, you can shortlist the options where you meet the admission requirements. Most of the top universities open their applications in October. For example, for programs that start in September 2024, applications at Top Ranked Universities will open in October 2023. Due to their popularity, they receive a large number of applications and therefore open and close early. Most admissions and scholarships for the best universities in Europe close in mid-January for programs that start in September.
  2. Find out about required entrance exams (SAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS/TOEFL) early and prepare for them. Also inquire about options that will exempt you from the exams. If you find out about your options early, you will have the advantage of being able to prepare your academic profile to meet the admission requirements set by the universities and prepare for the entrance exams and aim for the required scores to improve the competitiveness of your profile. There are universities that exempt students from entrance exams and therefore their deadlines end much earlier compared to other universities. Sometimes, the admission requirements are confusing for students. In this case, you should always seek the help of an experienced educational consultant to get clarity and avoid time and misconceptions.
  3. Strengthen your academic profile through challenging coursework, internships, and relevant extracurricular activities. When searching for programs, check the specific admission requirements of each program, which may require certain subject credits in your bachelor’s degree. If time permits, you can take the additional courses in your final years of study. Some universities also require relevant internships and work experience to qualify for the entrance exam. Publications in international journals and additional professional certificates enhance your profile and are valued by foreign universities.
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  5. Talk to your family, estimate expenses and look into financing options early to be financially prepared. This is one of the main aspects that many students overlook because they do not talk to their family about the costs and financial preparation for studying abroad. Due to lack of planning and preparation, some students neglect their studies and focus more on part-time work to manage costs, which prevents them from achieving their academic goals and jeopardises their future careers. Financial clarity will help you choose the right options for your budget and make your study abroad experience a fulfilling one. Once you have clarity, you should also seek advice from experienced advisors about bank loans, tuition and living expenses, scholarships, application and visa fees, etc. to be well prepared in advance.
  6. Get personalized advice and support from professional educational advisors or mentors. Experience saves time, effort, and money and increases your chances of success. Experimenting with your admission and visa application increases the risk of mistakes and may result in your inability to successfully submit your admission and visa application. Seek out a professional and experienced advisor who has guided many students along the way and can assist you throughout the process.
  7. Start working on application materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statements) and allow plenty of time for revisions. The documents are your means of communication with the university. Genuine, high-quality documents play a critical role in meeting the evaluation requirements set by universities. Avoid uploading fake education, internship, and work experience records, as these will result in immediate rejection by foreign universities. Pay special attention to your CV, letters of recommendation and letters of motivation.
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  9. Create a schedule with important deadlines and stay organised throughout the application process. Time stops for no one, and neither do university deadlines. Applications submitted after the deadlines will not be accepted by universities. Therefore, plan ahead, track deadlines, and plan to submit your applications at least one to two weeks before the application deadline without compromising on the quality of your documents and application.
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  11. - Nikhil Kapoor, Study Abroad expert with 12+ years of experience.

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